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We are a family business and take great pride in the service we give to our clients.  We really do strive to be the best. We would greatly appreciate your comments on the service we provided to you and the care you received from our staff.

Paul J King


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  • Excellent

    5 Stars

    We had entrusted PJK of chelmsford with our dear late Peter. This is the second time that we have used PJK after the passing of our dear mum and upon a recommondation of a friend 'Will Greenhill' Thanks again mate👍 and would, without hesitation; highly reccomend PJK to anyone. From start to finish Paul, Denise and the team gave Peter, Debbie, family & friends an excellent, proffesional & dignified service; and will do their utmost to ensure that the whole ceremony went smoothly and respectfully. Our initial point of contact was Denise who was very helpful and informative with the arrangements. Even with the timing of the funeral & the seasonal constraints she was able to ensure that all wishes & choices were met on time. We ordered the flowers through PJK; all of which were lovely and as promised. Throughout the Ceremony Paul and his team were absolutely first class; at all times, very well presented; extremely respectful & proffessional. Lastly i would like to thank our celebrant Mr Nigel Catchpole. Nigel performed our dear mums service and we made a point to ask of his services again. Nigel is one of the most politest people i have ever met; he is so respectful, and proffesional with every detail of planning & formulating the service. he will ask plenty of questions, listen, and be able to capture the character & life of the person very well. He also has plenty of ideas of his own to suggest which help to build a lovely informative & respectful service. Therefore, on behalf of Debbie, family & friends i would like to say a very big thank you to you all👏👏👏 and would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy & Healthy New Year 😊

    Steven Turner

    Thank you so much for this testimonial Steven. Your very kind words are much appreciated by us all. Denise will be delighted to read this and we will ensure that Nigel sees it too. He will, I am sure, be humbled by your kind words. Be proud that you gave Peter a personal and fitting farewell. I hope that you and all the family had a peaceful Christmas and my best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023. Kind regards, Paul

    Paul J King 28/12/2022
  • Excellent Service

    09/12/2022 - Essex
    5 Stars

    I can wholeheartedly recommend Paul J King Funeral Directors. The care and support that I received from Lesley at the South Woodham Ferrers branch was brilliant. She guided me through the whole process from start to finish. As I was managing this on my own after my partner had passed, her help was very much appreciated. Nothing was too much trouble, from organising donations to the requirements on the day. Lesley was particularly kind and sensitive when I wanted to see my partner in the chapel of rest. Both myself and my partner were treated with respect and dignity. You can’t train someone to be kind. It’s either there or it isn’t, and Lesley definitely is very kind and sympathetic. Paul managed my partner’s funeral so well on the day, with a gentle reassurance. He also called me the night before which gave me extra peace of mind. I felt that I could trust him completely. Throughout the whole process I felt supported, and all of my partner’s wishes were carried out. Everyone said how well the funeral went. This was the last thing that I did for my partner, and I will always be grateful to Lesley and Paul for all of their help.

    Maggie Charlick

    Dear Maggie, thank you so much for your kind words. We appreciate how difficult it all must have been for you, but we are pleased that Lesley guided you through the process with care and compassion. As you say, it’s the last thing you could do for your partner and it’s pleasing to hear that you were able to carry out his wishes and that the day went as you expected. Kind regards, Paul

    Paul J King 10/12/2022
  • Unfortunately we had a not so great experience

    20/11/2022 - Essex
    1 Stars

    Losing our son in a tragic and sudden way, was and will always be hard for us all. We chose Paul J King as this is our local funeral home and wanted our son to be close by. I phoned to see if our son had been moved from the hospital to them and I was only then told he was in the Maldon branch. The reasons for this were explained to us and we was told once he was back in woodham they would let us know immediately. This did not happen, We was only made aware after another phone call to them by myself. A few days later I phoned once again to see if we were able to go and see our son. I was then told he was back in Maldon as he needed to go back to have his fitting. We was given the impression this was all done on his first time at the Maldon branch. To make everything worse, the Friday afternoon before his funeral on the Wednesday, I called them once again to see if we could see our son, as we hadn't been allowed as yet. I was told yes, from the Friday after 3. His father and stepmother went on the Saturday. I called again and I said I will be going on the Monday. I was then told this will have to be the last time as he is starting to smell!! His partner hadn't even been!! So we only had 2 days in all to visit our son at this funeral home and the way we were treated during the most horrific time of our lives is quite frankly disgusting and inhumane. The actual funeral and cars ect was beautiful. Unfortunately that is the only good in my review. We didn't get his ashes back for a few weeks as we later found out they only collect them when they next have a funeral at that crematorium. If we had known we would have collected them ourselves.

    Donna Wilkinson

    Dear Mrs Wilkinson Sorry for the delay in responding to your testimonial, but as I am sure you will appreciate I needed to carry out a full investigation and as this all happened nine months ago, I needed to go through old records. First and foremost, I must say how sorry I am that your son was taken from you in such a tragic way and can’t begin to imagine how difficult this must be for you and your family. It would seem that along the way there has been some miscommunication between our office and yourself. Yes, your son was collected from Basildon Hospital and taken to our Maldon branch for him to be prepared. However, he was taken to South Woodham Ferrers on the 9th March and stayed there. He didn’t return to Maldon at all. His coffin was ordered on 1st March, and as you know, was specially painted. This was not delivered until 11th March and Jamie was placed in his coffin that day and you visited him on 12th. Unfortunately, we had no control over the delivery of the coffin, but once it was received, we did our utmost to get it prepared and put into the Chapel of Rest. According to our phone log, calls were made to you on 9th, 10th 11th and 15th March. The content of these calls is not clear, but I can only assume that it was during these calls that some miscommunication took place, and for that I am sorry. With regard to the cremated remains, at the time of making the funeral arrangements you would have been told that we collect them on our next visit to the crematorium, but I do appreciate that there is a lot to take in at that time. Had we known you wanted them back quickly we would have made arrangements to do so. I appreciate that none of this will change the way you feel and for that I am truly sorry. I wish I had been aware of your issues at the time so I could have addressed them immediately. I do appreciate you letting us know how you feel and if there is anything I can do to alleviate your concerns, please contact me personally at any time. Kind regards, yours sincerely

    Paul J King 24/11/2022
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