Update for clients


11 May 2020


  • Our offices are now locked. 
  • Please contact the office by telephone or via our website with any queries or to arrange an appointment.
  • No Limousines permitted on funerals
  • limited number of coffin choices available
  • donations made online. No collections at services
  • memory pins available to send to people who cannot attend the funeral
  • Help to plan a memorial service at a future date, if desired

I am sure you have many concerns over the latest coronavirus situation we are faced with.

This note is to reassure you that my business will, where possible, continue to offer the services you need from us in the best way we can.

As a precaution, and for the safety of you and our staff, any funeral arranged will have NO limousines available so that we comply with the current recommendation for social distancing. This mean all funerals will be a hearse only from your/your loved one’s house or a hearse direct to place of service. Funerals will have minimal staff. Where possible, staff will be limited to the conductor plus two staff using a wheeled trolley.

All funerals will be arranged over the telephone. Please familiarise yourself with our website prior to making the arrangements as our staff will use it to help guide you through your funeral options. There is a restricted range of coffin types and styles available, please look at our coffin pages for details.

Crematorium will only accept traditional coffins with smooth surfaces that can be wiped down. Coffins made of natural materials such as wicker, willow, bamboo, cardboard, etc. will not be accepted for cremation.

If you need to speak to us about any of our services, please contact us by phone rather than visiting our offices. Chapel visits are not possible.

Donation collections at funerals will no longer be available to reduce the risk of infection caused by handling infected cash / cheques . We strongly recommend that you use our on-line donations via a Tribute Page we can create for you on Much Loved.  This will allow those not attending the funeral to donate.

Some clients have asked about restrictions on the number of mourners at services. Many service locations have placed restrictions on the number of people they will permit and these are changing daily. We will endeavour to keep you updated of changes that might affect your arrangements. Please contact us if you want to know more.

PLEASE NOTE - the Church of England has stopped all services in Church and will only permit a short graveside service with immediate family members present – that is, spouse or partner, parents and children, keeping their distance in the prescribed way  

On a more positive note, as there are limited options currently available for you to honour the deceased as you would like, you may wish to hold a small service now, followed by a memorial service at a future date. This is something we can help you plan.

Most local crematoria have already removed service and hymn books from their pews. They are also insisting that at the point of committal in the ceremony, the curtains are closed rather than left open as families sometimes request.

As you will appreciate, we are devoting much time to follow the situation and are putting measures in place to protect you, our staff and the wider communities we serve.

Most crematoria can offer a webcast of the service if booked well in advance so, at present, this may be an option to be considered.

We will keep this page on our website up to date with the latest information available to us. I would encourage you refer to it to see what has changed.

I trust you will take comfort in the fact we are doing all we can on behalf of you and your loved ones.


Paul J King

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