We use Daimler and Jaguar hearses.

The Last Mile in Style - Daimler DS420 Hearses

The Daimler DS420 Hearse has been for many years the typical English hearse, dominating the funeral profession in the UK and throughout the Commonwealth. Daimler

It has been used for many Royal funerals, including the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, on Sept. 6th, 1997 and for the funeral of the Queen Mother (2002).

With their high-up coffin position and large windows they truly offer 'The Last Mile in Style'. Our fleet includes two of the few remaining DS420 hearses to offer you that something extra.

Daimler XJ8000 Hearse

A worthy successor to the Daimler DS420, the Daimler/Jaguar XJ8000 Hearse is based upon a luxurious Coventry built car, renowned for its elegance and refinement. As with the Daimler DS420, these hearses have a presence which stands them out from the rest.


The hearses feature a high coffin deck with halogen coffin lighting ensuring that that last journey will be conducted with dignity and style.

We offer horse-drawn hearses for those families wanting a traditional funeral with elegance and style. The hearse we use was built in the 19th Century and is drawn by beautiful black Friesian horses known as Belgian Blacks.

Horse Drawn Hearse Horse Drawn Hearse

Teams of two or four horses are available with traditional black leather harness fittings, complete with black plumes.

The coachmen wear authentic Victorian dress.


As an alternative to the traditional horse-drawn carriages, we can provide a specialist dray cart, drawn by a magnificent pair of Black Shires

We are able to arrange special hearses for those seeking something different for their funeral.

These include motorcycle, Land Rover 4x4 and vintage hearses.

The range of vintage and classic hearses is extensive and includes English, American and Italian classics.


Pink Daimler


Vintage Hearse

Motor Cycle Hearse

The motorcycle hearse is a unique motorbike combination to provide dignified funerals for motorcyclists, non-motorcyclists, sidecar enthusiasts and bikers.

Land Rover Hearse

The Land Rover hearse is suitable for anyone, whatever their faith. It is a statement about the person's individuality and style.


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